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Eleven years ago, the citizens of Monmouth and Independence declared their freedom from the low speeds and high costs of internet available to them. The two cities, now with a combined population of about 20,000, banded together to create MINET. Savings were immediately realized by MINET customers, and their new, unequaled broadband speeds were welcomed with enthusiasm.

What is MINET?

MINET is our own telecommunication network delivering high speed data, video and voice to Monmouth and Independence. It is simultaneously a public utility and a competitive service business. A connection to MINET was built to every home and business in the Monmouth-Independence city limits. That practice continues with all types of new construction.

How was MINET formed?

MINET was formed under ORS190, and organized through an Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) between the two cities.

How is MINET governed?

MINET is guided by a board of 6 members – three from each community – including 2 city staff representatives, 2 city council liaisons, and 2 members at large.

Can MINET expand?

From the earliest IGA documents expansion has been a consideration and a goal. Successful expansion depends upon a current, cutting-edge system. MINET has made and will continue to make upgrades to maintain the most robust and reactive system possible. Though MINET is ready to reach out to new destinations, service to the original customer base will never be compromised.

MINET as a business

From the beginning MINET has been and continues to be in competition with incumbent providers. MINET prides itself on the highest level of customer service. MINET is quickly responsive to customers’ needs and concerns, always aiming for same-day, usually same-hour, resolution. Today MINET offers a base speed of 50 Mbps to its customers. That is undiluted and uninvaded speed – always available and never wavering. And today 85% of the serviceable locations – homes and businesses - in Monmouth and Independence are MINET customers.

What's next?

The Internet of Things, also known as the Internet of Everything, is at our digital doorstep. The number of connected items in American homes, businesses, and even on our highways is estimated to be in the billions before 2020. Being forward thinking, Independence and Monmouth will reflect that connection projection. The Internet of Everything will empower agriculture to automobiles. And MINET is here to provide the necessary fiber backbone essential to the support of all this new connectivity.

Monmouth Independence Networks

Who are we?

We are residents of Monmouth and Independence. The majority of our staff members live in Monmouth and Independence; we’ve grown up here. We strive to deliver superior customer service and reliable quality service to our neighbors, friends, and family.

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