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Our VisionMINET's Vision for the future

Pioneer's built MINET and pioneers use MINET. But those outside of the service footprint clamor for access. In this age of the Internet of Things, access is all important. MINET's vision of the future - the near future - is to reach those far flung rural locations and connect them to possibilities.

With high speed internet, farmers can manage thier crops and fields using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Schools can connect to anywhere in the world to participate in viable learning experiences. With telecommuting, big city jobs can be run from the comfort of small town living. Telemedicine brings state of the art wellness to every doorstep, rural or urban. Connectedness is a current necessity and a growing mandate.

In this Internet of Things age, everything that can be connected, will be connected. Today, each person in the U.S. owns and uses, on average, three connected devices. In a very short time, that average will grow to 30 devices. Connectedness will be necessary everywhere and for everything.

MINET delivers the most secure of connections: fiber to the home or place of business. A direct and free-flowing pipeline of connectedness, undiluted and uninvaded. MINET is ready.

What is MINET?

MINET is a local telecommunication network delivering high-speed Internet access, digital (HD) television and telephone to Monmouth and Independence, Oregon. MINET is a public utility, guided cooperatively by a consortium comprised of the City of Monmouth and the City of Independence. MINET does not receive tax dollars and is solely funded through user fees. MINET's mission is to strive for long term, high community and subscriber satisfaction through system reliability, quality content and economic value by delivering services via state of the art technology.

  • MINET is a fiber-optic-based provider of data, video and voice services with gig-capacity network infrastructure.
  • MINET was formed through a Oregon Revised Statute 190 (ORS190), and is owned by the two cities that it serves; Independence and Monmouth.
  • MINET serves a customer base in Monmouth and Independence that is 20,000 strong.
  • MINET is governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of the two City Managers, a representative from each city council and a member at large from each community.
  • In addition to the Board of Directors, advisory committees have been organized to give considered community input on marketing, finances and technology.
City of Monmouth

Without a doubt the shining star of cooperation is MINET. When the nation's telecom companies rebuffed our two cities' requests for broadband internet...the two cities came together to create MINET, still one of only a handful of Gigabit Internet providers in America.

- J. Oberst, Monmouth
City of Independence

...two cities working together have operated one of the most amazing telecommunication companies in the country. Fiber optics and giga-speeds were here before anyone even knew what that meant. We are one of only 9 gigabit cities in America.

- J. McArdle, Independence

Monmouth Independence Networks

Who are we?

We are residents of Monmouth and Independence. The majority of our staff members live in Monmouth and Independence; we’ve grown up here. We strive to deliver superior customer service and reliable quality service to our neighbors, friends, and family.