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Monmouth Independence Network

MINET is a fiber-to-the-home provider of internet and voice services, dually-owned by the cities of Monmouth and Independence, Oregon.

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Leadership Team
The leadership team is responsible for finance, marketing, sales, field operations and general management.
Technical Operations Team
The technical operations team ensures that all systems are well-maintained and operational for our customers.
Customer Support Team
Our top-rated customer support team is here to help you! Visit our support page to view frequently asked questions or request support.

What is MINET ?

MINET, short for Monmouth Independence Network, is a municipally owned fiber to the home provider of data and voice services in Polk County Oregon.

In response to the incumbent providers’ refusal to upgrade aging infrastructure and provide adequate services to the community, MINET was formed in 2004 as an ORS190 through an Intergovernmental Agreement between the cities of Monmouth and Independence.

What do we do ?

MINET operates a cutting edge fiber to the home network delivering data speeds up to 10 gig to the end user. We are the only fiber provider in our market. Our infrastructure was constructed to be future proof from the beginning with resiliency and redundancy built in, to provide the highest level of quality and consistency possible for our customers.

We strive to make the services we provide the best in the market and a truly one of a kind experience. While our service is second to none, what really sets us apart from the competition is our support. Our team members and offices are local. We are members of the community who take pride in making MINET services the BEST. 99% of trouble calls we receive are resolved in less than 4 hours and our customers speak with a real, local representative every time they call.

MINET has been delivering innovative technology to the cities since 2006.

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MINET Board of Directors

MINET is governed by a board of 6 members - three from each community - including 2 city staff representatives, 2 city council liaisons, and 2 members at large.

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