Statement about internet privacy -

May 10th, 2017 09:20 | 0 comments

A hot topic the last few weeks has been the issue of consumer privacy protection as it concerns internet services. The House of Representatives has joined the Senate and voted 215-205 to overturn a yet-to-take-effect regulation that would require internet service providers like MINET to get consumers’ permission before selling their data.

MINET respects and protects our customers’ personal information. We do not sell our broadband customers’ individual web browsing history and do not intend to.

To address any misinformation or inaccuracies that have been in the news lately, MINET assures its customers that the practice of diligent protection of customer privacy will continue. We are revising our internal policies to make it very clear that MINET does not sell our customers’ individual web browsing information to third parties, nor do we share any sensitive information.

Once again, MINET respects its customers’ privacy and protects their personal information, too.


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