January 23, 2019 16:36

MINET Battery Back-Up Policy

MINET Battery Back-Up Policy

MINET phone service for our residential and business customers will include the option to order a Battery. A BBU (battery back-up), with an active battery, will provide temporary backup power (up to 24 hours) for the devices in your home that provide voice services, as well as access to dial Emergency 911. The BBU does not guarantee service if the network is not operating. An analog phone must be plugged into the phone connection in order to place a call when the BBU is installed.  If you have a phone that runs on power it will not work.

The battery can be purchased from MINET for $50.  If you would like MINET to install the unit, normal trip & time charges apply.

You are responsible for monitoring the status of the BBU and for ensuring that the battery is charging normally.

Battery Status Light Conditions:

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