MINET - School Supply Drive

February 18, 2020 21:35

School Supplies Idea list 

Boxes of 24 Crayola crayons* Crayola or Prang watercolor paint set* 

Glue sticks Crayola colored markers* 

Colored pencils 

Ticonderoga #2 pencils*

Pink pearl erasers* 

Solid color pocket folders 

Wide ruled spiral notebooks 

Container of disinfectant wipes 

Child’s scissors 

Three ring binder, 1” width Composition notebook 

Pencil box or pouch 

Highlighters Ruler with cm/inches 

Lined notebook paper 

Waterless hand sanitizer 


Box of sandwich or snack size bags 

Box of quart size bags

 Package of dry erase pens, low odor 

Pair of headphones or ear buds 

Box of tissues White cardstock 

Fine tip markers 

Hand-held pencil sharpener 

Blue or black pens 

And… Every student needs a backpack USB flash drives are useful to older students 

*These brand names were specified in school lists

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