EZVideo Update

February 18, 2020 21:35

1.21. Release 

We have tested and certified the latest release of the EZVideo app for production delivery. The 1.21 release will be a combination of the 1.20 and 1.21 release (as we did not move to the 1.20 release). These will be on the client side only at this time. There are several resiliency and stability improvements and several minor product enhancements: 

APP and PLATFORM OVERALL When user sets recordings for a series, ONLY the upcoming programs scheduled for recording will be displayed in ‘manage recordings’ instead of ALL upcoming programs of the series (new only vs. re-run). 

PHONE/TABLET/MOBILE FEATURES New features to the recording button (easier to delete recordings, stopping the recordings, extend recording time for a series or episode). DVR screen: now see the amount of storage used (meter), when selecting play on a recorded show from ‘manage recordings’, media player will be launched reducing the steps required to play content. Turn on and off the parental controls, modify the PIN. Refresh policy for this platform has been updated to trigger every half hour.

BUG FIXES and NEW OS SUPPORT For the operating systems: iOS 13, iPad OS, tvOS13, Android Q OS, (including availability with the new 4K Amazon Firecube)-- support is now built in. Bug fixes for the Android, Apple and Roku platforms have also been deployed. The new version of the app will be uploaded to all applicable stores on January 10th and pushed to devices automatically. Subscribers will not experience any changes or interruptions to their viewing experience. 

HD Upgrades We are pleased to announce that three of our signals on the EZVideo platform are being upgraded to HD this week. The authorization is being processed now and you will see the following channels in HD within the next week: 

o Cooking Channel 

o Discovery Life 

o Discovery en Español 

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