March 31, 2020 14:12

Internet Demand

The rapidly changing Covid-19 environment means new demands and stress on ALL internet networks and providers worldwide.  This holds true for MINET/WVF as well.  

While we have the bandwidth to handle the increased number of remote workers, and the bursts in unexpected traffic that come with video downloading or web conferencing we are also dependent upon the performance of our upstream providers, their capacities and their network reliability.

 We fully understand that more than ever, our customers need to stay connected. You can be sure that MINET/WVF is taking every step to make sure all our customers can stay on line and in touch. Our engineering support and technicians will continue to staff and monitor our network operations center 24/7 to ensure our network performance and reliability.

Be patient and be kind, together we will get through these trying times.


Don Patten - General Manager, MINET/WVF

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