October 11, 2021 08:11

To our EZVideo customers

At MINET and WVF, we pride ourselves on keeping our customers informed of any significant changes that may have an impact on the services we provide. 

MINET/WVF currently receives EZVideo service from DirectLink.  Recently DirectLink informed MINET/WVF that DirectLink’s Board of Directors has decided to terminate all video service offerings, including EZVideo, as of December 31, 2021. 

DirectLink indicates that this decision was based on the rising costs of video content, the ever-changing technology that is needed to provide video services, and the fact that EZVideo’s technology partner that provides video service filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and was purchased by another organization. This has resulted in steep, immediate price increases for EZVideo subscribers as well.  

MINET/WVF are currently reviewing DirectLink’s notice and evaluating options and alternatives for customers.

MINET/WVF Customer Support Specialists are trained in assisting our customers find the best products and services at an affordable price.  MINET/WVF already offer the fastest and most reliable data to support streaming services.  Most of the streaming services work over your MINET/WVF Internet on the same device(s) used now to access EZVideo. Monthly prices for these live streaming services range from free to under $100 for the top tier of programming.  Our Customer Support Specialists are available to assist you and can be reached at the numbers below.


405 N Hogan Rd in Monmouth





Willamette Valley Fiber (WVF)

988 SE Jefferson St in Dallas





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