January 21, 2022 13:35

MINET receives grant funding from Polk county for expansion into rural areas

Polk County Press Release - January 20th, 2022 

Board of Commissioners approves broadband grant recipients

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - January 20th, 2022

In the fall of 2021, a committee for broadband recommendations requested grant proposals from local providers to improve the rural broadband service in Polk County.

DALLAS, OR - The Polk County Board of Commissioners approved the recommendations of the County Rural Broadband Committee on January 18th, and directed staff to enter into contract negotiations with the selected internet service providers. As part of the proposal process the Committee identified priority areas that were in most need of service. Proposal selection was based upon a number of criteria including but not limited to; estimated cost of the proposal, type and speed of service provided, number of people served and the identified geographical area to be served. The Committee selected the two finalists and a total of four projects. Three of those projects are providing direct service and the fourth is a study for the Falls City area.

The two finalists were MINET and Alyrica. Minet was granted three projects that will serve SW Dallas, Clow Corner/Rickreal and will develop a study for the Falls City area.  Alyrica will be providing service upgrades in the NW Dallas area. These projects fit into the County’s current round of funding at approximately $2.1 million dollars, which includes $1.68 million in funding from the State through Senator Brian Boquist and the remainder of the funding through ARPA dollars, and is the latest culmination of the County’s efforts to work with broadband providers to improve service to rural Polk County residents. The County looks forward to working with all rural providers in the coming years as additional funding becomes available.

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