Opciones de pago

Secure Payment Portal

Visit our secure payment portal to pay online.
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Please note:

If your services have been suspended as a result of a past due balance, this payment portal will not restore your services.
Please call our Customer Service Representatives to confirm your payment and restore service.

When paying online, you must use the billing address associated with your payment method, not your service address.

Opciones de pago

All payment types* are accepted at MINET’s main office during normal business hours, Monday-Friday 8AM - 6PM.

405 Hogan Rd. N
Monmouth, OR 97361

MINET does not provide change back for cash payments. Any over payments will be applied to your MINET account as a credit balance to roll over to your next bill.

Debit/Credit card payments (Visa/Mastercard/Discover)* are welcome and free of charge over the phone with a Customer Service Representative during normal office hours.

(503) 837-0700
You can log into your account and pay through the secure Payment Portal.
  1. Fill out and return the AutoPay form located on page 2 of your monthly Minet statement with your Debit/Credit Card or voided check.
  2. Visit our office during normal business hours to complete the required form and provide Debit/Credit Card info or voided check.
  3. Register your account to Pay Online and set up recurring payments with your Debit/Credit Card information.

*We do not accept American Express

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