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Closed on President's Day

February 12, 2021

New EZVideo channel......

January 26, 2021
EZVideo channel 314 - Dabl is an American lifestyle-oriented digital multicast television network owned by the CBS Television Distribution subsidiary of ViacomCBS.  Read More

EZVideo pricing

January 19, 2021
To: MINET & WVF Subscribers Thank you MINET and WVF customers! It has been a pleasure to serve the residents of Monmouth, Independence, and Dallas, and we look forward to doing business with you in the future. As a small local provider, we do not own any of the content or networks that we provi... Read More

Mesh WiFi is coming........

January 06, 2021
MINET is partnering with Plume  to provide our customers with the latest in mesh wifi technology.   These routers systems will be available for our customers in March, 2021.  ADAPTIVE HOME WIFI:  world's first and only self-optimizing Wi-Fi technology that delivers a reliable and consistent in... Read More

EZVideo on Fire TV

January 06, 2021
Everything you love about Fire TV, and redesigned the experience to make it more personal, faster, and easier.  With new features like a simplified Main Menu, Find destination, Profiles, and voice-first experience with Alexa, the all-new Fire TV experience is the biggest experience update ever d... Read More

Notice of phone line fee changes

December 07, 2020
The Oregon PUC and Oregon Legislature have increased the per phone line Residential Service Protection fees from 10 cents to 14 cents and the Emergency Communications (911) Tax from $1 to $1.25. The Oregon PUC also reduced USF fees from 8.5% to 5% for phone lines and long distance usage. All of t... Read More

Safe Holiday Shopping

November 30, 2020
Shopping Online It’s important to take steps to protect yourself when shopping online. From the convenience of making purchases at your fingertips and next-day delivery to getting great deals and an the endless catalogue of purchasable items, online shopping has only grown in popularity. While th... Read More

Attention: Science Channel Special Programming Event Tonight

November 16, 2020
3-hour live event on Science Channel this evening The network has obtained the rights to broadcast live coverage of SpaceX and NASA Crew-1 as they complete the final stage of their mission, docking the SpaceX Dragon Capsule to the International Space Station.   Because of the nature of the live f... Read More

Come and GIG it!

October 12, 2020
Our GIG speed internet (940 Mbps download & upload) is now only $79.65 a month.   [Image] Read More

October 5 Network Maintenance

September 23, 2020
Network Maintenance On Monday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 6, MINET will be performing necessary fiber maintenance in a portion of our network. As a result of the Ash Creek Station development we will be transitioning several of our fiber transport cables from aerial to underground. This wil... Read More

Broadband Connections for Underserved Students in Independence

August 28, 2020
UNDERSERVED CENTRAL STUDENTS TO GET BROADBAND CONNECTIONS A state grant will fund in-home connections and wi-fi zones in Independence and Monmouth On 08/17/2020 the City of Independence and MINET were awarded a $239,810 grant from Business Oregon’s Rural Broadband Capacity Program.  The funding w... Read More

Watch TV Everwhere

July 28, 2020
Free to EZVideo subscribers! Directions 1. Go to 2. Select EZVideo as your TV provider 3. Click "Register" for your free account 4. Enter your NOVA account number.  You will have to contact the office to get this number. 5. Enter the MINET subscriber's last name 6. After co... Read More

Get text alerts from MINET

July 20, 2020
Get Fast, Convenient Two-Way Access to Your Account GOCare provides two-way access to MINET customer's account information through text messages. Information accessible through GOCare includes: • Balance • Payment Due Date • Payment Confirmation • Account Changes This service is simple to use an... Read More


July 01, 2020
Equality, inclusion and diversity are core values at MINET. Creating a culture of equality isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing.  Our core values guide how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a successful company.   We believe businesses can be powerful platfor... Read More

We are open!

June 08, 2020
 When visiting the office we have the following safety measures in place:  - Follow the instructions of the representative(s)  - Only two customers in the office at a time  - Limit the duration of your stay Read More

Please join us in helping local food banks

June 03, 2020
Western Oregon University Food Pantry - Ella Curran Food Bank - Dallas Food Bank - Read More

MINET requests participation in CARES Act.

May 27, 2020

The Power of Local - Come and GIG it!

May 26, 2020
MINET GIG service is $79.65 a month! Read More


May 14, 2020
As we emerge from COVID-19 shutdowns, MINET and WVF are ready with careful and highly-detailed Phase I reopening plans.  We regret that these plans to reopen cannot be launched until Polk County has met the necessary criteria to fully embrace reopening.  Immediately upon Polk County’s Phase I app... Read More

We are all in this together....

May 08, 2020
Support local business.  Yards signs are available and Mungo Signs and by request at the MINET office while supplies last. Read More

EZVideo Channel Lineup

May 08, 2020
Download the printable version of the EZVideo Channel Lineup. Read More

The Power of Local! MINET PSA

April 24, 2020
Please copy and paste the link below in your URL to view the video or visit our Facebook page (MINET Fiber). Read More

Central School District

April 15, 2020
MINET, in partnership with Central School District and the cities of Monmouth and Independence, has authorized, engaged and is driving professional engineering studies.  These fast-tracked studies will determine realistic and effective proposals, based upon MINET’s suite of technologies, to aid t... Read More

MINET cares

April 10, 2020

Internet Demand

March 31, 2020
The rapidly changing Covid-19 environment means new demands and stress on ALL internet networks and providers worldwide.  This holds true for MINET/WVF as well.     While we have the bandwidth to handle the increased number of remote workers, and the bursts in unexpected traffic that come with vi... Read More

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